Friday, October 30, 2015

Harley Quinn Wig

Next time I say, "I'm going to dye this wig with Sharpies!" someone should slap me and hide all my Sharpies from me. If I do something like this again, I'll be using the method where you make a dye out of the Sharpie ink and alcohol and submerge the wig in it. But this time, I hand-Sharpied. I consider it a small miracle that I didn't gouge out one of my eyes with one of the Sharpies out of frustration.

The little piece I started with to make sure this was going to work.
(The scariest part by far.)

I used the book to raise the mannequin head so the hair wasn't laying flat on the table.
I taped the head to the book to stabilize it so it wouldn't wiggle around while I worked.

This is what my nervous smile looks like.
The mannequin looks like she's heading to the firing squad.

Work work work

I started each side by making a few marks at the highest point I wanted to color,
so that it would stay relatively straight across.

Ta-da! The red side looks a little too straight across,
but once I comb it out and swing it around a little, that'll break up
and look a little more natural.

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