This is my gallery of all the cosplaying I've worn. The ones made by Beth and Chris are noted as such, as are the casual ones (anything I didn't make from scratch, but assembled). They're listed alphabetically by character name, and the source material is listed with each character. If the costume won an award, it's listed under the description.

Death (Sandman)
Halloween at work (October 2015)

Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
At AwesomeCon (May 2015), with Chris as Captain Hammer

Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight)
Halloween / TWCC Halloween party at O'Connor Brewing Company (October 2015)

Iron Man scale dress (Iron Man)
Baltimore Comic-Con (September 2015) - dresses by Beth, lights by me
(2nd place amateur female)

Marauder's Map dress (Harry Potter series)
Tidewater Comicon (May 2015) (meeting Chloe Dykstra)

Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones)
New York Comic Con (October 2014) (all costumes by Beth and Chris)
Tidewater Comicon (October 2014) (costumes by Beth & Chris)
(1st place group)

Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim series)
New York Comic Con (October 2014) with Beth as Roxy
Halloween at work (October 2014)

Rey (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Scarlet Witch (Avengers: Age of Ultron)
Blood drive at work (July 2015) - first iteration

Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
Tidewater Comicon (May 2015) with Beth as Leliana - costumes by Beth/Chris/Birk

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