Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chell: Wrist Wrap

This should not have been as difficult as it was.

Chell has what looks like a white wrap bandage around her right wrist. I decided to spiral-sew some white elastic so I can slip it on and off pretty easily, instead of having to wrap a bandage and find a way to hold it in place whenever I wear Chell.

First, I wrapped the elastic around my wrist and pinned it in place to make sure the length was right.

After a little bit of swearing at the sewing machine and my tiny wrists,
I determined that the first connection would have to be made with
my best friend, Loctite superglue.

After more swearing at the sewing machine, I finally got on a roll.
Then I got off the roll when things got really close together,
and the right (top) elastic was not lining up under the needle, so
I was sewing one piece of elastic to nothing but itself.
About four times.

I glued the bottom connecting spot too, and
here's the finished product.

It's a tiny bit tight, but I'm going to slip it over something (a soda bottle or the like)
to get it a LITTLE bit more stretched out.

Ta-da! Wrist wrap, done.

So that leaves the to-do list (edited since last time) looking like this:

28 things to get done in 49 days (19 for Chell, 9 for Zoe).
I've decided not to put the lights/sound in the portal gun for May,
but I'll work on it over the summer and hopefully, I'll have that
all done for any fall shows I go to.
I'd like to have all that for the TWCC cosplay contest, but
maybe next year.