Sunday, August 30, 2015

Countdown to HQ: 39/60

I haven't been making great progress with Harley yet, so I needed a checklist. And here it is!

Note the bottom right: 40 tasks, 60 days
First, I made a list of the pieces and what has to be done to make them happen. Then I divided that list into tasks that can reasonably be done (by me) either in an evening after work or in a day on the weekend. Most of them are easier/shorter since most of the days I have left are workdays. Anything that could boil down to "buy a thing online" was set aside and put in the box in the middle right, and they don't count as tasks. Most of the tasks are things like "pattern/measure X," "cut X," "sew X," and then the non-sewing things like painting the bat, a boot, adding studs to things, dyeing my wig, etc.

And I already got one down for today!

You can compare the lists, or I can just tell you: I got the pattern cut for the leggings. I figured it was a good one to get out of the way because (1) I need space to stretch it out and cut it (it should be the largest single piece of anything I need) and (2) it's only one pattern piece so I don't need to worry about losing pieces or getting them separated. Even so, I used a big binder clip and put it, a note with what it is written on it, and the pattern (back in the envelope) all together so it stays together. Now all I need is the fabric for that, and I can get to the next leggings step (cutting the fabric pieces).

You may also notice there's a piece erased from the purchases box: the ball! I finally bit the bullet and spent $30 on a cosplay prop. I could have spend $15 on one that didn't look perfect, but... well, I didn't. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can paint it and play with lights!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tulle Time

For the underskirt poof for Harley, I decided to make a no-sew tulle skirt; it seemed like the easiest route. This means I need lots and lots and lots of 2"-ish wide strips of tulle. Fun facts about tulle: it likes to grab onto itself, the slightest breeze or hint or static electricity sends it flying across the room, and white tulle is kind of hard to see in the poor lighting I have in my craft area for now. So I came up with a solution.

Since I had a cold a couple weeks ago, we only had like two tissues left in this box. So I pulled them out and stuffed all the tulle strips inside, so I can pull them out one at a time as I tie them onto the elastic for the skirt, without having to fight back a pile of them or knocking some of them to the ground to taunt the cat. And here it is in action:

I also labelled it on the side so Birk doesn't accidentally throw it away in an attempt to be helpful and clean up. The label includes the length in case I forget before I buy more tulle (I need about four times what I started with) or misplace my notebook with all the measurement notes in it.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Harley's Bat

I was wandering through Wal-Mart this morning, trying to pick up some barcodes for Shopkick (we'll see how long I stick to doing that) and I found myself near the toy area. And I thought... "Bat." Nowhere near the "shopping list" part of my brain, but constantly poking at the ever-active cosplay part of my brain, I've been thinking I need to find a cheap wiffle ball bat or Nerf bat before the summer's over and they get harder to find.

screenshot: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn trailer (1)
To make this, of course.
So I found this at Wal-Mart, on sale for $4, and I think it's just perfect. It's a little kid bat, so it's shorter (and therefore less likely to bump into people at a con or get too heavy after several hours on my back) and it's made of that dense foam stuff so (1) it's not a weapon, and (2) it should soak up the paint really well.

Since it came with the ball, if I have the extra time and effort left, I might try to turn the ball into this:

screenshot: Arkham Knight Harley Quinn trailer (3)
(In her right hand.)
Truth be told, I think I'm more excited about working on the bat than on the outfit, because there's no sewing or patterning or measuring or mathing involved. Just look at a picture for reference, and paint.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Okay, Beth is actually doing all the work on this one, but I'm still really excited that I just ordered these lights:

Fulcrum 30010-301 LED Battery-Operated Stick-On Tap Light, Silver, 3 Pack
From here

Major bonus points to whoever knows what they're for!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cosplay: The Reason You Had to Take Geometry

Yes, kids, I'm sorry, but the reason we all had to take geometry in high school was because some of us were going to use it later in life, and, not knowing which of us would become engineers and architects and designers and cosplayers, they made us all learn it.

What's that? You think cosplaying doesn't use math to the extent that architecture does?

Pictured below: My afternoon.

How many pleather straps do I have to make? How long are they?
Make sure they're all the same width, and don't forget the seam allowance.
Oh, and how did you measure them? Because that makes a HUGE difference.

I'm not great at 3-D geometry... Birk had to get involved to show me how to
make all the straps attach to each other. Drawings were badly needed.

This would have been the first of at least a few attempts at the red bracer if
Birk hadn't reminded me of some basic geometrical concepts.

You can see the failed attempt at geometry on the bottom of the page.

It turned out right... so far. There's still a lot of math,
sewing, grommeting, lacing, etc. to go...
and that's just for one forearm of this costume.
Just wait until we put the whole top together.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dr. Horrible at Richmond Wizard World

In the interest of all three of us getting to wear something comfortable and easy, I was Dr. Horrible, Chris was Captain Hammer, and Beth was a Captain Hammer fangirl. We had fun doing a little photo shoot at Wizard World (Richmond). (All the photos except the last one came from Chris and Beth, so thanks guys!)

Prop creation the night before, like all great cosplayers do.
This is actually the case my Nintendo DS came in, and served as my purse for the day.