Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cosplay: The Reason You Had to Take Geometry

Yes, kids, I'm sorry, but the reason we all had to take geometry in high school was because some of us were going to use it later in life, and, not knowing which of us would become engineers and architects and designers and cosplayers, they made us all learn it.

What's that? You think cosplaying doesn't use math to the extent that architecture does?

Pictured below: My afternoon.

How many pleather straps do I have to make? How long are they?
Make sure they're all the same width, and don't forget the seam allowance.
Oh, and how did you measure them? Because that makes a HUGE difference.

I'm not great at 3-D geometry... Birk had to get involved to show me how to
make all the straps attach to each other. Drawings were badly needed.

This would have been the first of at least a few attempts at the red bracer if
Birk hadn't reminded me of some basic geometrical concepts.

You can see the failed attempt at geometry on the bottom of the page.

It turned out right... so far. There's still a lot of math,
sewing, grommeting, lacing, etc. to go...
and that's just for one forearm of this costume.
Just wait until we put the whole top together.

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