Sunday, August 30, 2015

Countdown to HQ: 39/60

I haven't been making great progress with Harley yet, so I needed a checklist. And here it is!

Note the bottom right: 40 tasks, 60 days
First, I made a list of the pieces and what has to be done to make them happen. Then I divided that list into tasks that can reasonably be done (by me) either in an evening after work or in a day on the weekend. Most of them are easier/shorter since most of the days I have left are workdays. Anything that could boil down to "buy a thing online" was set aside and put in the box in the middle right, and they don't count as tasks. Most of the tasks are things like "pattern/measure X," "cut X," "sew X," and then the non-sewing things like painting the bat, a boot, adding studs to things, dyeing my wig, etc.

And I already got one down for today!

You can compare the lists, or I can just tell you: I got the pattern cut for the leggings. I figured it was a good one to get out of the way because (1) I need space to stretch it out and cut it (it should be the largest single piece of anything I need) and (2) it's only one pattern piece so I don't need to worry about losing pieces or getting them separated. Even so, I used a big binder clip and put it, a note with what it is written on it, and the pattern (back in the envelope) all together so it stays together. Now all I need is the fabric for that, and I can get to the next leggings step (cutting the fabric pieces).

You may also notice there's a piece erased from the purchases box: the ball! I finally bit the bullet and spent $30 on a cosplay prop. I could have spend $15 on one that didn't look perfect, but... well, I didn't. I can't wait for it to arrive so I can paint it and play with lights!!!

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