Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tulle Time

For the underskirt poof for Harley, I decided to make a no-sew tulle skirt; it seemed like the easiest route. This means I need lots and lots and lots of 2"-ish wide strips of tulle. Fun facts about tulle: it likes to grab onto itself, the slightest breeze or hint or static electricity sends it flying across the room, and white tulle is kind of hard to see in the poor lighting I have in my craft area for now. So I came up with a solution.

Since I had a cold a couple weeks ago, we only had like two tissues left in this box. So I pulled them out and stuffed all the tulle strips inside, so I can pull them out one at a time as I tie them onto the elastic for the skirt, without having to fight back a pile of them or knocking some of them to the ground to taunt the cat. And here it is in action:

I also labelled it on the side so Birk doesn't accidentally throw it away in an attempt to be helpful and clean up. The label includes the length in case I forget before I buy more tulle (I need about four times what I started with) or misplace my notebook with all the measurement notes in it.

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