Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Quilted" Pleather

This weekend was supposed to be all about Harley Quinn's torso/corset/shirt/whatever you call that thing. I actually bought a corset to use as a base, and it fit well enough after one adjustment... but then after probably half an hour of me and Birk scrutinizing every Pinned photo I have of Harley, we determined that what I really need to use is a bra (that fits just perfectly) and an underbust corset. So that means next weekend will have to be torso weekend, so I have time to get what I need. But in preparation for this weekend, I made some "quilted" pleather I can cut into the pieces I need to cover the front and back of the underbust corset when it gets here.

So to make up for the sad day that was today (trying to make leggings, giving up and making a new plan for that, and sewing what barely passes for a skirt that also isn't hemmed... sewing garments is really, REALLY not my forte, guys) I'll give you a photo step-by-step.

First, I made a 2"x2" grid on the back of the pleather using a pink highlighter.

Then I used the ruler to make straight lines with a black Sharpie to make an X through
each 2"x2" box of the grid in each direction, giving me a diagonal 1"x1" grid to follow when I sew.

First line sewn, and it went really well. I started with a small line in the
corner in case I needed to make adjustments to the sewing machine before I continued.

Action shot!

All the lines are sewn!

And when I'm all done, I flip it over and it looks exactly like I wanted.
It was really, really easy, to be quite honest. This is the kind of sewing I can handle. Patterns and curves and fitted pieces (and freaking knits)? Not so much. But I'll get there.

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