Monday, October 12, 2015

Gijinka Pokemon Design Project

One of my goals for the near future is to learn how to do proper fashion illustration, so that I can plan my costumes better, especially when I go off-canon. For example, my upcoming Unown dress only exists in my head, and that's a very unstable storage space. But I can't draw it properly, so it's all I have.

And once I've learned the basics, I have the perfect project to help me fine-tune the skill: design 721 gijinka Pokemon costumes (one for every single Pokemon there is... so far). I won't necessarily go in order (what fun would it be to do Bulbasaur, then Ivysaur, then Venosaur all in a row? It would get redundant every time there was an evolution series) and I'll practice new things with each one I do, to make a learning experience instead of a weirdly self-inflicted real-life grind quest.

Here is the Pokedex I'll be working from. I think that's all I'll use, instead of pulling in other reference photos. I'm far and away more familiar with the original generation, since I actually played those games, and seriously. But I think between their names and sprites, I'll have enough information to design around the rest.

I don't know if I'll actually make any of them... as soon as I had the idea, I knew I badly needed a gijinka Dratini in my closet, but we'll see. For now, this is a fun way to improve a skill I really need.

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