Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Gotta sketch 'em all! #300, #709, #129, #538

Yeah, I came up with a catchier name than "Pokemon Gijinka Project" last night.

I couldn't decide where to start, so I used to choose a random number between 1 and 721, and it gave me 300, so I started with #300, Skitty.

I traced the croquis (both of them) because I'm not that good at that yet, and if I trace enough of them, I'll get much better at free-handing them. The front view I traced from here and the back is from here. I traced the Skitty in the top corner directly from the Pokedex I'm using.

The thing I like the most about this one is the hair. I didn't expect to be any good at that part, so that was a pleasant surprise, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out here.

When I realized that I finally found my Prismacolors but couldn't for the life of me figure out where my pencil sharpener was (and that none of my knives are appropriately sharp for sharpening pencils by hand) I decided to sketch another one instead of coloring with dull pencils.

This time, gave me 436, which is Bronzor, and I had no idea what to do with that one just yet. So I made a new rule: I can get five numbers from and pick whichever one I want out of the five, so I'm not stuck working with something that doesn't inspire me. That would be a project-killer. (Of course, if I think of something for a specific Pokemon, I'll just jump straight to that one and skip the random number thing.)

So I wound up with #709, Trevenant, which I had never seen before. (Pretty much anything after third generation is totally new to me.)

It's so painfully '90s, I love it. The crop top, the fuzzy bracelets, the side ponytail. You may recognize the croquis from the Skitty sketch. I like this pose; I'll probably be using it a lot. (Except when I get to the shoes... I need a lot of work on angles for shoes.)

This morning, I started on #129, Magikarp, but I didn't take a picture of just the pencil sketch. When I got home with a pencil sharpener (and a Pink Pearl eraser because, I don't know if it's visible, but my mechanical pencil eraser left orange streaks) I could color everything... Plus I did one more while I waited for glue to dry on Harley's gauntlets.

Yes, I know I need to go back and color in the hair
on the back view

This one's croquis is from here

This is a SUPER fun project so far. I'm trying to do at least one thing I need to look up and learn how to do on each one. Skitty was the first one, so that was ALL new. Trevenant, I had to figure out that darn heel... shoes are hard. Magikarp, I looked up boots (and learned a bit about belt placement). And with Throh, I used a new croquis to work with different angles and proportions (she's more of an artsy croquis than a practical one).

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