Saturday, October 10, 2015

Contact Cards

It occurred to me last weekend that many cosplayers have a card. They hand them out for several reasons. If someone takes a photo of you and you'd like them to send it to you, you can hand them a card and ask them to do so. If you sell or design pieces, you might have a shop with a card you can hand out when people admire your work. If you just want more people to follow you on social media or read your blog, you can hand cards to your admirers and they'll have the information they need to find you online.

Mostly, I wanted cards for the first reason: to get people to send their photos of me to me. But I also want to be able to stay in contact with some of the amazing people I meet while doing cosplay, and this seemed like the easiest way to do that. Plus, I don't think I'll have many costumes where I don't have somewhere to tuck away a few cards to hand out. (I have to be able to carry my wallet and phone anyway; a handful of cards aren't much bigger than that.)

So I made some at Vistaprint last weekend after I finished the harness, and they're here!

Now I just can't wait to hand them out!

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