Friday, October 30, 2015

Pre-Halloween: Death!

I've had all the pieces for a Death (from Sandman) costume for a year now. She was a backup for NYCC 2014 in case I needed another cosplay, but I didn't. Then I considered wearing it to AwesomeCon, but I chose to go costume-less instead. So then we decided at work that we should dress up today, since most of us won't be at work tomorrow for Halloween, and out came Death!

Always bring a book for reference if you want
to introduce your character and/or their source material
to a new audience!

Death should absolutely be a librarian.
Considering it's the Year of the Comic Book for the public library this year, it was only appropriate to be a comic book character, I thought. Another one of our librarians was Ms Marvel, so I was in good company.

This is the "lite" version of the Death costume, for many reasons. I left out the black lipstick because I don't wear lipstick and didn't want to spend all my time at work glancing in a mirror to worry about whether it was on my teeth or something. I left out the black nail polish because I need clear nails for tomorrow as Harley Quinn. I didn't do full eyeliner because I like being able to see. And my ankh necklace isn't exactly right because I like this necklace (Birk made it for me YEARS ago) and it's close enough.

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