Sunday, November 1, 2015

Arkham Knight Harley Quinn!

Halloween at last! And that means I finally got to wear Harley. I took her to O'Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk for Tidewater Comicon's Halloween party, plus we swung by my tattoo place (they were giving out gift certificates to anyone who showed up in costume) and Chipotle ($3 burrito for anyone in costume). Birk apologizes in advance for his photography skills.

Leaving for the party!

I have no reference photos for what HQ's face looks like when she attacks, so I guessed.

I don't have a proper ledge to crouch on, so the stairs will have to do.

I love the industrial look outside the brewery!

Outside O'Connor Brewing Company

Posing with the TARDIS, as one does

Beer and laughing gas bomb, can't go wrong

I know Harley's insane, it's canon, but now I know why...
she puts on all this before doing absolutely anything.

It was super fun being Harley. Sure, it's not a particularly comfortable costume (it includes a real corset plus a corset cover that does NOT breathe, one bra on top of another, wigs always give me a little bit of a headache, plus this makeup means constantly reminding myself not to touch my face). But it's the first one I made on my own (sure, I got help from Birk, but that will probably always be the case... let's be real, I can't even get into one of the pieces of this costume without his help) and I'm pretty darn pleased with it. I have some adjustments and additions before I wear it again (make a new corset from scratch to fit a little better, clean up the edges on the red/black bra, add a few more O-rings to the leather harness) but that'll be sometime next year.

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