Monday, November 23, 2015

Meeting Ivy Doomkitty

You guys, I met Ivy Doomkitty!!! She was at VA Comicon in Richmond yesterday, and she was awesome. She's gorgeous and nice and did a panel on confidence and body image relating to cosplay. And I got her autograph and took a photo with her!

I know, you were expecting me to be Daryl Dixon. First, I ordered the rest of the leather a little later than I probably should have, so I would have been rushing to finish the vest. Then I thought, "I have to make TWO costumes before the Force Awakens premiere, because Birk wants a Jedi robe." So I've decided to be Han Solo for the premiere instead of Rey, because I think it'll be less work (slightly). Which means I can finish making the vest, use it for Han, then add the wings after December 17 so I can be Daryl in the future. (I don't plan to repeat Han.) And I won't feel compelled to make Han's blaster, because... well, it's just not a smart idea to bring that kind of prop to a movie theater, especially not on a night like that, completely packed with people.

BUT that means that I used one of my go-to costumes, the Marauder's Map dress, so Ivy and I matched themes (that's her Slytherin corset, if you can't see the crest in the photo). Which was pretty awesome.

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