Sunday, February 21, 2016

Starting Chell

Chell has been on my "to cosplay" list since day one, and I've decided to give her a shot this year. Here's what I have done already:

I ordered a costume jumpsuit on Amazon. It was the only one I could find that (1) might fit me,
(2) didn't have any printing on it, and (3) was a reasonable price.

Step one of the portal gun: painting a shipping tube black.
(I knew I was keeping this tube for a reason.)
As of right now, the task list sits at 29 tasks to do in 90 days (in time for Tidewater Comicon) and it's the costume I intend to enter in the cosplay contest. If all my plans pan out, I'll have amazing long-fall boots, a portal gun that switches from orange to blue lights (and stores my wallet/phone/glasses), with a GLADoS potato on one of the arms (that might even talk... we'll see). Plus the jumpsuit, tank top, wrist wrap, and haircut.

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