Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wings of Freedom (1)

I'm also planning on Zoe Hange from Attack on Titan for Tidewater Comicon. That to-do list comes out to 14 tasks in the next 90 days (and four of them may not be necessary, as they go to the cape which I probably won't want to wear until fall cons).

I'm starting with the Wings of Freedom patches that will go on the jacket:

Drew the patch onto a piece of paper, mounted that on the porch door,
mounted fabric over it to trace onto the fabric. Not the most high-tech
or accurate way I could do it, but one of my favorite methods.

First patch, traced from the door-mounted drawing.
Skinny black Sharpie, fat blue Sharpie, silver Sharpie for the background.

Drawing a large version based on the small version so I can do the same thing for the
patch that goes on the back of the jacket (and later, on the cape).

Finished large drawing (just not done coloring in the gray, which I might not bother with,
since it's just the template).

I have the jacket ready to bleach and dye in the tub, pants and boots purchased, still hunting for a shirt, and I need to get the supplies for the harness. I won't be making the actual omnidirectional maneuvering device, at least not for TWCC. Maybe I'll add it for future cons.

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