Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dr. Horrible (Evil League of Evil)

What a non-starter. I got everything together for my Dr. Horrible in time for AwesomeCon, but it was 90 degrees in DC, and I just couldn't subject myself to that kind of torture. Call me undedicated if you wish, but at least you can't call me hyperthermic.

At any rate, I have everything I need for a closet-cosplay of Dr. Horrible (post-acceptance to the Evil League of Evil). And I have plans to adjust the pieces to make them more accurate for later attempts (in cooler weather). I'll make the goggles fit into a piece made from chemistry goggles (so I can still remove them and use them for Ramona Flowers or other characters), I'll change the lab coat to cross the chest and fasten at the shoulder, and I'll add an embroidered red Caduceus to the lab coat, too. Plus, I want to make the arm-mounted gun (?) he has at the bank heist during the instrumental of "Everything You Ever."

But for now, this is what I've got:

...Neil Patrick Harris.

...Neil Patrick Harris.

Just me.

Edit to add:
I almost forgot to mention it, but this is my first crossplay!

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