Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scarlet Witch

I told myself I wasn't allowed to work on any cosplays until we moved, so I wouldn't keep pulling things out of already-packed boxes to work on them, or keep buying materials that I had to find the right box for or risk losing in the move. But then...

We're having a blood drive at the library two weeks from today. Someone on staff thought it would be fun if we also dressed up as heroes (superheroes, personal heroes, whatever) as a fun addition to the blood drive and to help promote it.

Well, I don't pass up opportunities to wear costumes.

I only plan to make two things, maybe three, so it's more of a casual cosplay. I have a black dress similar to this, I'm wearing boots almost exactly like that, and I'm going to buy a red jacket. I'll make the bracers and socks/tights/leggings/whatever that is, and probably the jewelry. My hair's a little short but it's the right(ish) color and style so I'll roll with that.

Now to figure out how to make red sparks fly out of my hands...

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