Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scarlet Witch: Rings

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find silver stacking rings. Actually, I never really did find them, but I did find a great assortment of silver rings to wear as Scarlet Witch. They aren't exact matches; I'm just going for the general feel/look of her rings. I'm even keeping my wedding ring on, because it matches the theme.

That's 16 rings (including my wedding ring) and I actually have one more that I want to put above the knuckle on my right ring finger, but I didn't think to get it before I took the photos last night.

After many fruitless searches on Amazon, Google, and specific stores' websites, I finally just stopped at the mall on my way home from work. One very quick stop at Limited ($4) and another stop at Claire's ($20) and I had about twice as many rings as you see in the photos, so there was plenty to mix-and-match with. I'm also certain that some of them will come in handy in future costumes.

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