Sunday, June 14, 2015

Scarlet Witch Bracers

I'm pretty proud of these. I thought they'd be easier than they were, then once I got started, I thought they'd be impossible, and then I finished them. Chronicled here is the saga of making the left bracer (I didn't take pictures of making the right one, but it did turn out better because I had the practice of making lefty under my belt).

This is the biggest difference between lefty and righty:
On the right one, I sewed down the edge where it was going to
meet the zipper. I kind of forgot that this fabric does actually fray.

All pinned down and fitted. Time to sew!

The zipper foot is my new best friend. Changing presser feet wasn't nearly as hard as I expected.
(I had never done that before. And it took me a few minutes to figure out which was the zipper foot.)

Fabric is sewn to the zipper, just have to hem the top and bottom now.

Bracers make me feel like a bad-ass. Because I am.

Clearer shot of the finished product. The other difference between
the left one and right one is that lefty is a little looser (because of the fact
that I folded under the edges of the right one before sewing to the zipper).

Modeling with the jacket (cardigan) I'll be using for this costume's first public appearance.
(The leather jacket is a bit too warm for June. I'm committed, but I'm not stupid.)

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