Monday, May 4, 2015

Beth & Chris: Sera, Leliana, and Podrick Progress

Beth and Chris do amazing work. I really can't emphasize that strongly enough. They came down this weekend and we got a lot of things done (by which I mean "they got a lot done while I did one thing very slowly).

How I spent a large portion of the weekend: hand-sewing chainmaille to the Leliana tunic

You know it's a good (read: complex) costume when it takes three people to get you into it.

Podrick: so close to being finished!

This vest is the most incredible thing I've ever put on. It's SO AMAZING.

Fruits of my labor: Beth tries on the tunic.

I'm just happy I can contribute something other than encouraging statements now. I'm not particularly GOOD at hand-sewing, but I managed to get the two panels sewn on, so hooray for me. The frustrating thing is that those were already on there when Beth and Chris arrived... we had to take them off and have Birk weld and tumble them so the thread would stop getting caught in the pinch of the outside rings. But at least now Beth doesn't have to re-do it.

I now have Sera's shirt, leggings, shoes, wig (still needs to be cut), leather vest, quiver, and bow in my possession. We also have Birk's shirt for Podrick (and need to get pants and boots ASAP).

Twelve days until Tidewater Comicon!

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