Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mystery Cosplay!

I promise photos from Tidewater Comicon coming soon. But first...

This Saturday is Awesomecon in DC! We won't be entering any contests, and Beth and I aren't planning to re-wear our Dragon Age: Inquisition costumes. Beth and Chris will be Melissandre and Jon Snow, which means I kind of have free reign on this one.

I was planning to wear my Sandman Death costume, which I had never put on all at once before. Well, guess what happens when you have a costume like that? One piece (or more) don't work, and you figure it out five days from the con. In this instance, the wig sucked. So I tossed that and started thinking in terms of closet cosplay. I considered Daria, Velma, and a few others, then stumbled across exactly what I wanted to wear. Let's see if you can piece it together!

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