Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Death Makeup Test

I decided not to be Death from Sandman this Saturday at Awesomecon in DC, but I had to try her on before I could decide that. Part of that includes putting on the makeup (I've had the lipstick for almost a year now and I've never worn it) so here's what the test looked like:

The lipstick looks awesome, the eyeliner loop thing isn't all that bad. I don't do well with eye makeup so I didn't do the entire eyeliner thing (at this point I had already determined that the wig wasn't going to work, so I wasn't going to torture myself with eyeliner).

Funny story about that eyeliner... it's waterproof, so I went in search of my makeup remover. Oh wait a minute, I don't own any, because I don't wear makeup. So I think, I know! I'll grab the rubbing alcohol and wipe my face incredible carefully. Well, I didn't grab the alcohol. I grabbed the nail polish remover. Luckily, I didn't get any in my eye, so I didn't need to get medical attention (I still flushed the area with a lot of water... also luckily, the water shut-off that was announced for our apartment complex started later than announced, or I would have had no water). So, seriously, don't put on makeup (at least waterproof makeup) without some makeup remover handy. You could wind up accidentally trying to blind yourself.

If you're curious, Birk made the ankh necklace for me back in high school or maybe early college.

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