Sunday, April 26, 2015

In Progress: Marauder's Map Dress

After adding snaps to the front of the dress to hold it where I want it when the belt is on, (then removing one of the snaps because it was on backwards), it was time to start drawing. Never mind that if I screwed up the first part (the negative-space "The MARAUDER'S MAP" part with the castle border) I'd have to totally re-sew the dress... No pressure. But I think it went well:

That's where I'm going to leave it for tonight. I think the part I did the best was the "Mssrs. MOONY, WORMTAIL, PADFOOT, & PRONGS are proud to present..." part, but I'm quite pleased with all of it.

The footprint trail at the top left is there because I marked where the shrug would come to (so the "Mssrs." part wouldn't be obscured), and wanted to cover it up before I forgot about it. I'll add more to it later, put it in a room, and add a name to it.

I didn't check the time the entire time I worked on the drawing part, so I don't know how long this took me. I'll keep an eye on the time tomorrow to figure out how much I can get done in an hour, and then I'll know how covered the dress can be by the time I need to wear it in a week.

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